(This panel can be dragged to a convenient position on the screen.)
This utility loads files into folders. On the left is a list of current folders - select a folder to upload to.

In the Upload Progress panel that opens on the right, the Select Files button is used to choose the files to be uploaded. Files may be of any type but it is generally recommended to keep to generic types like pdf or jpg that anyone should be able to view. When all files have been selected, click Upload Files to send them to the server - this may take a while. As each one is uploaded, it is marked as such. The small close 'X' can be used to cancel an upload or remove an entry from the Progress panel - the Clear button clears all current entries. The Reset button reloads the page - use this if you need to upload more files to a different folder.

* Files with same filename will overwrite existing files without warning.
* Occasionally a file will fail to upload. If this happens, try again - if it still fails send file to webmaster

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File uploader

Upload Progress panel