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Message From The Chairman - Pat's Email.

Dear All, As a founder member of the band many years ago, I have seen it grow from strength to strength over the ensuing time and it has been a real privilege to have been part of the developments that have since taken place as well as being such an enjoyable experience. For me it all began at a U3A table tennis group. David Owers was our group leader. Ray and Jilly Picket together with Geoff Bloom were also part of the group. One week these happy pingpongers were discussing ideas as to possibly getting together on a regular basis a group of brass players, another interest they had in common. I overheard some of their chat. It awoke in me a long distant dream I had of learning to play the trumpet. Raymond, my husband and fellow table tennis players, suggested I speak to Geoff and Ray to find out more of what they had in mind. Result.

In 2003, Jilly and I started with a mouthpiece each and no experience whatsoever. Jilly couldn't read music, I could, but we both coped and progressed slowly - until we could play easy pieces, Jilly with her trombone and me with a cornet that I later acquired. We used to meet up to play together. More people joined us - Janet Benton, George Watts, and Isobel Broom. In 2007, Geoff announced that his brother-in-law was retiring and that he was both a talented brass player and conductor. The rest is well known history. Peter became our leader, mentor, inspirator and conductor. We increased in size and became like a big family!

Sadly, I am not getting any younger and I find the new music introduced in recent months is more complicated and difficult to play than in the past requiring, obviously, more practice time. Although it is always nice to improve one's skills, at my time of life, I am content to try to maintain the standard I have reached. As a result I find having to cope with much of the new music is no longer pleasurable. I have only limited time in which to practice due to normal domestic duties, and I have to get my priorities right, especially as Raymond is no longer able to help me as he used to. This is why I have reluctantly .decided to step down from the band. Thank you to all my friends in Vintage Brass, and especially to those mentioned who helped and inspired me, providing me with so many years of pleasure. Yours sincerely P.M Tissot

Draft Minutes of January 2018 Committee Meeting - Part 1.

Present: Peter Guntrip Chairman, John Wingfield Secretary, Janice Miller Treasurer, Tony Kent Concert Manager, Kate Sax Publicity, Roy Oxford Committee Member, Cynthia Godley (Main Band Rep) Tony Hartle (Training Band Rep).

1. Apologies: George 2. Approval of Minutes: Agreed. Peter would speak to Ray about the balance sheet. 3. Matters Arising: None 4. Correspondence: None.

5. Publicity Report: Kate reported that an article had appeared in the Echo and also Active News had received the same article. Kate also reported that she probably wouldn't be around much longer as she may be moving away to Somerset. The committee wished Kate well. The move will probably happen in a few month's time.

6. Treasurer's Report: Janice presented the up to date accounts. It was pointed out that a cheque had been sent to the Away Day venue that had not, as yet, been cashed. Janice will follow up on this. Three people had not yet paid the termly £15 and Janice will chase these up. There was a discussion on how the accounts were produced. Perhaps George could produce a regular spreadsheet.

7. Vintage Brass luncheon: This went very well. The committee expressed their thanks to all involved.

8. Review of Carolling: Tony thanked everyone who took part. To Peter thanks for conducting. It was stated that Macmillan had not yet received their money from Sainsburys. Tesco didn't count the money at their venue as the charity took the cash with them. The Royal Bournemouth Hospital Charity would like a photograph of the cheque presentation and it was suggested this be done at a Monday rehearsal. It was suggested that these funds were not going to smaller charities as was done in the past. It was suggested that we ask the band members to nominate charities and we could choose from that.

9. Matters from Main Band: John pointed out that we went into the Christmas concert very unrehearsed. Cynthia said she had heard that too having had a letter from a band member. Peter reported that Steve was aware of this problem. There was a letter from Ray asking if the Minutes could be posted before being signed off by the Chairman. This was thought to be too early. If members had a follow up from the Minutes then the following meeting was the time to raise it. The Minutes are a recorded history of a past meeting and should only be available publicly after they have been agreed as a true record. Ray also asked if the band could be kept informed on monies raised after each event. This was agreed. Tony asked if mutes could be provided for the Horns. This was considered to be a personal expense.

10. Matters from the Training Band: Since some members have now gone to the Main Band it was stated that the Training Band was a bit depleted. Ray would like to build up the Training Band.

11. Catering: A query was raised as to who is now in charge of catering. It was clarified that Sue is now the Catering Manager. She will liaise with Cynthia as the band rep. Peter to have a word with Sue. It was stated that an urn would be useful for concerts. John stated that he had one and he will donate it to the Band.

Draft Minutes of January 2018 Committee Meeting - Part 2.

12. Future Engagements: Tony reported that he is going to be away for February and March. Christchurch Priory had not yet been fixed. Wimborne Minster is confirmed on 2nd July. Boscombe Churches Together want us on 15th December from 11am until 12 noon. Christmas Concert this year will have the St George's Singers. Tickets for the Spring Concert had a proof sent by Jilly. It was suggested that the telephone number should have a gap between 01202 and the main number. It was suggested that we might have an organist for a future concert and that Dave Beeby might be a good choice. The date of the Family and Friends concert had not been fixed yet. Tony Hartle asked if band members could be canvased regarding a possible date. After a discussion it was decided to ask band members.

13. Forward Thinking of possible concerts for 2019: Peter suggested we should look at the Dorset Police Male Voice Choir Concert programme as a way forward. They perform most of their concerts out of town and the church or organisation they are singing for is responsible for getting the audience. At the moment every concert we do we have to get the audience. Tony Hartle suggested St Peter's, Lower Parkstone. Also Bridport Rotary Club was mooted.

14. Fund Raising: It was hoped that Ray would continue to do this.

15. Any Other Business: None.

16. Date of Next Meeting: 5th March 2018 at Ray and Jilly's

Wed 28 March. Small band playing for Southbourne Friendship Club, Immanuel Church, Southbourne - 14:45-15:45 hrs.

Mon 2 April Easter Monday Bank Holiday. No rehearsal. Wed 4 April - Rehearsal at Trinity Methodist.

Fri 13 April. Rehearsal for Spring Concert at Boscombe SA Citadel (1400-1600hrs).

Sat 14 April. Spring Concert with Romsey Male Voice Choir at Boscombe SA Citadel. 1900hrs.

Mon 7 May. May Day Holiday. No rehearsal. Wed 9 May - Rehearsal at Trinity Methodist.

Mon 28 May. Spring Bank Holiday. No rehearsal. Wed 30 May - Rehearsal at Trinity Methodist.

Mon 11 June. VB AGM. 1500hrs.

Mon 2 July. Wimborne Minster. 12:30 to 13:15 hrs.

Mon 16 July - Pinewalk Bandstand. 1400-1530 hrs.

Mon 3 Sept - First rehearsal of new term at St James Institute.

Richard Ely Concert on Saturday October 13.

Autumn (Richard Ely) Concert, 1900hrs at All Saints' Church, Southbourne (BB Championship Finals at RAH are on 6th October 2018). Rehearsal , 1345-1600hrs at All Saints' Church, Castlemain Ave, Southbourne BH6 5EH.

Christmas Concert on Saturday December 8.

Christmas (Cancer Research UK) Concert at St Christopher's Church, Southbourne 1900hrs (Hire of Church, Large Hall, Small Hall, Bridge with Kitchen 1700hrs - 2200hrs). With St George's Singers. Fri 7 Dec - Rehearsal at St Christopher's Church, Southbourne 1345-1600hrs (Hire of church 1300hrs - 1700hrs with access to a toilet).

Sat 15 Dec. Carolling with Churches Together in Boscombe - 1100 - 1200 Hrs.