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Message From The Chairman - December 6 2017

Carolling 2017. We commence our carolling on Friday 8th December at 1000 with Rudolf's Band at Sainsbury's at Somerford. Followed by Santa's Band at 1400. PLEASE REMEMBER TO BRING A CHAIR. Uniform for Carolling. Please wear band uniform from the waist down ie black trousers, socks and shoes (no brown trousers or jeans please) obviously you need to wear layers underneath your fleece to keep warm. If you don't have a fleece and you can borrow one that would be good otherwise a dark top would be appreciated. You already have details of the carolling at Kinson and Boscombe. Boscombe now starts at 1100 for one hour.

Family and Friends Concert - Tuesday 12th December at Trinity Methodist Church commencing at 1400. This is a very relaxed concert when we say thanks to our Families and Friends for their support for the last 12 months. Plenty of tinsel and Father Christmas hats. Uniform is normally Band uniform from waist down with coloured shirts and blouses. The format for the afternoon is the Band plays for approx. one hour and then we all share in refreshments and socialising. A nice relaxed afternoon.

Minutes of October 2017 Committee Meeting - Part 1

Present: Peter Guntrip Chairman, John Wingfield Secretary, Janice Miller Treasurer, Tony Kent Concert Manager, Kate Sax Publicity, Roy Oxford Committee Member, Cynthia Godley Band Rep., George Watts Web Master.

1. Apologies: Tony Hartle and Steve Chislett 2. Approval of Minutes: agreed 3. Matters Arising: None 4. Correspondence: None.

5. Publicity Report: Kate said that if anyone takes any pictures at the Away Day please let her know. Cynthia suggested that Dorset Life might be a possibility for publishing something.

6. Treasurer's Report: Janice produced a balance sheet. She queried when we had to pay the per capita 1 pound. It was decided to wait for the bill. George required the last balance sheet before he could produce the Budget Plan, Janice to give George the information.

7. Matters from Training Band/Main Band: Cynthia had nothing.

8. Action Sheets: Regarding the cash-back idea, Cynthia thought that the response would not be good so it was decided to let it lie for the time being. Tony K reported that the Citadel has been booked but no price had been received as yet. Christmas Carolling had been sorted. Friday 8th December at Sainsburys am and pm. December 19th at Tesco in Kinson. Christmas Concert at St Christophers 1st/2nd December all booked. Family and Friends Concert 12th December booked. Churches Together will be 16th December. The first rehearsal in January will be Monday 8th January 2018. Peter will organise the carolling and will conduct the band. John had investigated SABA but it is an organisation for contesting bands. We are on their mailing list but there is no point in joining as we do not do contests. John to contact Genevieve at St James' Institute regarding have rehearsals on a Tuesday afternoon following Bank Holidays. George said there was no budget yet but will do it after he has ful

9. Music stand banners: Tony K had contacted the Waugh Group. They can do 8 banners at a cost of 30 pound per banner. This was accepted. They would take about a month to produce. Fleeces can be obtained also at a cost of 20 pound plus VAT. The committee agreed to both.

10. Band Uniforms: There was very little enthusiasm for changing the uniforms so we will be sticking with the status quo .If any member needed a piece of uniform altered then the Band would arrange this.

Minutes of October 2017 Committee Meeting - Part 2

11. Catering: already dealt with earlier.

12. Future Engagements: already dealt with.

13. Any Other Business: Tessa had been in contact and provided details of the New Year Lunch. The cost was 19.50 pounds. George thought that the "tip" was too low. It was decided to increase the cost of the meal to band members by an extra 50p to a round 20 pound. The venue, date and time plus the menu was agreed. There is a U3A coffee morning for new members on 18th November. John and Janice will be there. It was suggested that we might have a presence at the "Shake and Stir" event at Fisherman's Walk. Two members of the Training Band had asked to join the Main Band as well as staying in the Training Band. Peter will have a word and explain the criteria to them. Ray has produced a financial statement for the Away Day. There were a couple of anomalies so Peter would have a word with Ray for him to revisit his accounts. Roy stated he would like it put on record congratulations to Ray and Jilly for all their work in arranging an excellent and successful Away Day. The committee concurred

14. Date of next meeting: Monday 29th November at 10.30am

Sat 16 Dec. Carolling with Churches Together in Boscombe - 1100 hrs.

No rehearsal on the 18th. Carols at Tesco - Tuesday 19th December

Carolling - VB playing carols at Tesco Kinson from 10 to 12 to support Bournemouth and Christchurch Hospitals Charity.

Mon 8 Jan. First rehearsal of 2018 at St James Institute

Tues 9 Jan. VB New Year Lunch at Gilbey's Restaurant, Liston Hotel (1200 for 1230hrs).

Wed 28 March. Small band playing for Southbourne Friendship Club, Immanuel Church, Southbourne - 14:45-15:45 hrs.

Mon 2 April Easter Monday Bank Holiday. No rehearsal. Wed 4 April - Rehearsal at Trinity Methodist.

Fri 13 April. Rehearsal for Spring Concert at Boscombe SA Citadel (1400-1600hrs).

Sat 14 April. Spring Concert with Romsey Male Voice Choir at Boscombe SA Citadel. 1900hrs.

Mon 7 May. May Day Holiday. No rehearsal. Wed 9 May - Rehearsal at Trinity methodist.

Mon 28 May. Spring Bank Holiday. No rehearsal. Wed 30 May - Rehearsal at Trinity Methodist.

Mon 11 June. VB AGM. 1500hrs.

Mon 16 July - Pinewalk Bandstand. 1400-1530 hrs.

Mon 3 Sept - First rehearsal of new term at St James Institute.