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The initial display shows the full table. Scroll up/down and left/right as needed.
Each row represents a record.
To sort on a column, click its heading. Click again to reverse order. A small indicator arrow above the column name shows the sort order. To sort on multiple columns, hold down SHIFT when clicking on second and subsequent columns.
Click 'Filter' and apply criteria on popup - this limits the number of records displayed which may be useful for large tables. Filter remains in place until cleared.
Note regarding sorting and filtering dates: Columns containing date related info are sorted chronologically, not alphanumerically.

To edit a record click the '*' in the left hand 'Select' column.
The information for the record is shown vertically. Fields with a white background can be edited - guidelines for contents are shown on the right. Invalid entries will be rejected. Multiple fields can be updated - the updates are accumulated and committed when 'Complete' is clicked. If 'Complete' is not clicked (eg clicking the browser's back button) updates will be lost.
Click 'Cancel' to cancel pending updates.
Click 'Delete record' to delete a record - you will be asked to confirm.
Click 'Replicate' to create an exact copy of the current record with a new record name.

To create a new record click 'New record' on the main table display. You will then be presented with an empty record table for completion.

Choose column name(s), comparison operator(s) and comparison value(s):


Authorized/declined list      Showing 24 of 24 records


*04/01/2017A04/01/2017 2oQ8nS2pFLGroup Leader1589
*03/12/2017A03/12/2017 8wbSMPxBFLGroup Leader1004
*23/07/2017      3103
*20/01/2015A20/01/2015 3RVNeIP2FLGroup Leader1146
*16/08/2017A16/08/2017 Y@2ax%T#FLI was left a message by an interested member re group and inadvertently this was wiped off before I 1939
*08/05/2015A08/05/2015 5yUkUMwNONto update my email2036
*19/10/2016A19/10/2016 ABcd12EFONGroup Leader1588
*09/08/2015A09/08/2015 &Od$rqe$ONGroup Leader1854
*15/02/2017A15/02/2017 4gPKnU2eFLsddm klsdas ajsdajs1541
*22/10/2015A22/10/2015 yVOuIiP2FLCommittee1003
*23/10/2015A24/10/2015 9ujQKuZbFLCommittee1229
*16/09/2016A16/09/2016 Z4IX#j9MFLCommittee1460
*11/12/2015A11/12/2015 Yw@u8QSGONGroup Leader1216
*16/12/2015A16/12/2015 HDe2nyB6FLCommittee1136
*11/01/2016A11/01/2016 HdVEte4ZFLGroup Leader1523
*12/05/2017A12/05/2017 RxfB#qIyFLCommittee1525
*06/07/2016A06/07/2016 7deLrMeFFLCommittee1116
*17/02/2018A17/02/2018 $mT@uyxxFLCommittee1481
*05/02/2017A05/02/2017 okpYuZymFLI am forming sub-committee and need to contact a variety of members1566
*18/10/2017A19/10/2017 DxGYwrdMFLGroup Leader1019
*24/11/2017A24/11/2017 S1goXi8VFLPlease could you let me know if Joy Hendry is a member and if so could you let me know her number. 1529
*21/12/2017A21/12/2017 IskutqYtFLGroup Leader1143
*06/03/2018A06/03/2018 IP22wXnsFLI would like to contact the photographic group1623
*17/05/2018      1531