This page shows room costs for all groups (except those that are 'OUT' or in GL's home) by term and for the year. Initially sorted by Venue code, there is a subtotal row at the end of each Venue section. Groups with zero cost are not shown by default but can be seen by clicking 'Show zero cost groups' button. To see totals for Venues only click 'Show only total rows'.
The table can be sorted on any column by clicking the column heading - click again to reverse the sort order. As an example, click 'Total cost' column (on right) to show groups in order of cost. The sorted column and the order are indicated by a small up/down arrow above the column heading (on initial page load it is above the 'Venue' column). The subtotal rows are removed when the table is sorted by anything other than 'Venue' as they become meaningless - restore them by clicking on the 'Venue' column heading.
The information is picked up from the groups, locations and room tables. In particular, if the 'attendees' field on the groups table has been populated (eg after the return of class log sheets in December) then the 'Cost per attendee' column (on right) will be populated.

Note that the 'Groups in error' button will appear in red if any groups have identifiable errors. If any groups are not processed at all, it is noted at the end of the page.


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