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Group: Advanced French - no or invalid room for Beaufort Centre (BCC)
Group: Enjoying Art - no or invalid room for Christchurch Library (CCL)
Group: More Enjoying Art - no or invalid room for Christchurch Library (CCL)
Group: Reading - Group 1 - venue (CCR) not found
Group: Reading - Group 1 - no cost amount for Christchurch Library - Reading (CCR)/Room 3.
Group: "My Kind Of Music" - no or invalid room for Priory House (PHO)
Group: Snooker - no or invalid room for Spectrum Sports Academy (SSC)
Group: Play Tennis for Fun in Southbourne - no cost amount for Swanmore Tennis Courts (SWT)/.

Christchurch U3A Room Costs for 19_20 year

GroupNameVenueFullNameRentDateRoomFrequencyNoTermsAttendeesNoUnitsUnitCostCostperMtgTotal Chargeable MtgsOneOffCostCostPACostAttendee
Advanced FrenchBCCBeaufort CentreWeekly30£0£0.0032£0.00n/a
Badminton - Group 1BCCBeaufort CentreGymWeekly301.5£10.35£15.5332£496.80n/a
Badminton - Group 3BCCBeaufort CentreGymWeekly301.5£10.35£15.5332£496.80n/a
Short TennisBCCBeaufort CentreGymWeekly301.5£10.35£15.5332£496.80n/a
Table Tennis - Group 1BCCBeaufort CentreHallWeekly301£26.10£26.1032£835.20n/a
Table Tennis - Group 2BCCBeaufort CentreHallWeekly301£26.10£26.1032£835.20n/a
Table Tennis - Group 3BCCBeaufort CentreHallWeekly301£26.10£26.1032£835.20n/a
Table Tennis - Group 4BCCBeaufort CentreHallWeekly301£26.10£26.1032£835.20n/a
Table Tennis - Group 5BCCBeaufort CentreHallWeekly301£26.10£26.1032£835.20n/a
Craft GroupBCCBeaufort CentreRoom 4Weekly301£16.70£16.7032£534.40n/a
Drawing and Mixed MediaBCCBeaufort CentreRoom 4Weekly301£16.70£16.7032£534.40n/a
Flower ArrangingBCCBeaufort CentreRoom 4Fortnightly201£16.70£16.7011£183.70n/a
Improvers BridgeBCCBeaufort CentreRoom 4Weekly301£16.70£16.7032£534.40n/a
Whist For FunBCCBeaufort CentreRoom 4Weekly201£16.70£16.7022£367.40n/a
Cryptic Crosswords for ImproversBCCBeaufort CentreRoom 8Weekly201£13.50£13.5022£297.00n/a
Totals for BCC, 15 group(s)BCC0439£0£8117.7
Enjoying ArtCCLChristchurch LibraryFortnightly20£0£0.0011£0.00£0.00n/a
More Enjoying ArtCCLChristchurch LibraryFortnightly20£0£0.0011£0.00£0.00n/a
Meteorology GroupCCLChristchurch LibraryRoom 1Weekly301£25.00£25.0018£0.00£450.00n/a
Opera DVDsCCLChristchurch LibraryRoom 1Weekly201£25.00£25.0022£0.00£550.00n/a
French RestartedCCLChristchurch LibraryRoom 3Fortnightly301£25.00£25.0016£0.00£400.00n/a
Totals for CCL, 5 group(s)CCL078£0£1400
Reading - Group 1CCRChristchurch Library - ReadingRoom 3Fortnightly301£0.00£0.0018£0.00n/a
Totals for CCR, 1 group(s)CCR018£0£0
Indoor Bowls - Group 2EDBEast Dorset Bowls ClubBowls HallWeekly201£30.00£30.0021£630.00n/a
Indoor Bowls for Improvers - Group 1 EDBEast Dorset Bowls ClubBowls Hall WednesdayWeekly201£25.00£25.0022£550.00n/a
Totals for EDB, 2 group(s)EDB043£0£1180
Exploring MathsEPIEpicentreFortnightly301£0.00£0.0016£0.00n/a
French ImproversEPIEpicentreFortnightly201£0.00£0.0011£0.00n/a
Maths is Fun!EPIEpicentreFortnightly201£0.00£0.0010£0.00n/a
Poetry WritingEPIEpicentreWeekly301£0.00£0.0032£0.00n/a
Totals for EPI, 4 group(s)EPI069£0£0
Creative WritingGCCGreyfriarsSitting RoomFortnightly301£12.00£12.0016£20.00£212.00n/a
Totals for GCC, 1 group(s)GCC016£20£212
Blues Music AppreciationGLHGroup Leader Home4-Weekly301£0.00£0.009£0.00n/a
Creative Writing For FunGLHGroup Leader HomeMonthly301£0.00£0.007£0.00n/a
Gardening Group 1GLHGroup Leader HomeMonthly201£0.00£0.000£0.00n/a
Gardening Group 2GLHGroup Leader HomeMonthly101£0.00£0.000£0.00n/a
Ipad For BeginnersGLHGroup Leader HomeWeekly101£0.00£0.0012£0.00n/a
LAPTOPGLHGroup Leader HomeWeekly101£0.00£0.0012£0.00n/a
Maths can be FunGLHGroup Leader HomeWeekly101£0.00£0.0012£0.00n/a
Reading - Group 2GLHGroup Leader Home1st Thurs. of monthA01£0.00£0.000£0.00n/a
Tablets for Beginners and ImproversGLHGroup Leader HomeWeekly101£0.00£0.0012£0.00n/a
Totals for GLH, 9 group(s)GLH064£0£0
Active BodyworksHCCHigh Cross ChurchWeekly301£12.00£12.0030£360.00n/a
Totals for HCC, 1 group(s)HCC030£0£360
Painting for PleasureHCHHomelands Community CentreWeekly301£12.00£12.0032£384.00n/a
Totals for HCH, 1 group(s)HCH032£0£384
Badminton - Group 2MWCMudeford Wood Community CentreHallWeekly301£20.00£20.0032£640.00n/a
Short Mat Bowls - Group 1MWCMudeford Wood Community CentreHallFortnightly301£20.00£20.0016£320.00n/a
Short Mat Bowls - Group 2MWCMudeford Wood Community CentreHallFortnightly301£20.00£20.0016£320.00n/a
Short Mat Bowls - Group 3MWCMudeford Wood Community CentreHallFortnightly301£20.00£20.0016£320.00n/a
Short Mat Bowls - Group 4MWCMudeford Wood Community CentreHallFortnightly301£20.00£20.0016£320.00n/a
Creative Card MakingMWCMudeford Wood Community CentreRoom 1Fortnightly301£15.86£15.8616£253.76n/a
PHOTOGRAPHY GROUPMWCMudeford Wood Community CentreRoom 1Weekly301£15.86£15.863£47.58n/a
Third Age FilmsMWCMudeford Wood Community CentreRoom 1Weekly301£15.86£15.8632£507.52n/a
Tennis for FunMWCMudeford Wood Community CentreTennis CourtsWeekly201£6.20£6.2023£142.60n/a
Totals for MWC, 9 group(s)MWC0170£0£2871.46
Christchurch U3A SingersNCHNew Church HallHallWeekly302£14.00£28.0027£756.00n/a
International Folk Dancing - AdvancedNCHNew Church HallHallWeekly301£14.00£14.0030£420.00n/a
International Folk Dancing - Beginners and ImproversNCHNew Church HallHallWeekly301£14.00£14.0030£420.00n/a
Singing For FunNCHNew Church HallHallWeekly302£14.00£28.0028£784.00n/a
U3A Line Dancing NCHNew Church HallHallWeekly202£14.00£28.0022£616.00n/a
Indoor Board and Card Games Group 1NCHNew Church HallRoomWeekly302£7.00£14.0032£448.00n/a
ScrabbleNCHNew Church HallRoomWeekly302£7.00£14.0032£448.00n/a
Totals for NCH, 7 group(s)NCH0201£0£3892
English Folk DancingOLQOur Lady Queen of PeaceHallWeekly201.5£16.00£24.0022£528.00n/a
Totals for OLQ, 1 group(s)OLQ022£0£528
Monthly longer walking groupOUTOutdoorsMonthly30££0.000£0.00n/a
Bird WatchingOUTOutdoors3rd Wed. of monthA0££0.0011£0.00n/a
Cycling - Group 1OUTOutdoors4th Fri. of monthA0££0.000£0.00n/a
Cycling - Group 2OUTOutdoorsWeekly30££0.0032£0.00n/a
Golfing GroupOUTOutdoorsMonthlyA0££0.009£0.00n/a
International Luncheon GroupOUTOutdoorsMonthlyA0££0.000£0.00n/a
Motor-biking GroupOUTOutdoors4-Weekly10££0.000£0.00n/a
Pause 4 LunchOUTOutdoors4-Weekly30££0.009£0.00n/a
Shorter WalksOUTOutdoorsNormally third Friday of monthA0££0.0010£0.00n/a
Theatre GoersOUTOutdoors6 times per yearA0££0.000£0.00n/a
Totals for OUT, 10 group(s)OUT071£0£0
French ConversationPFHPortfield Community HallRoom 3Weekly302£8.00£16.0032£512.00n/a
Teach And Play ChessPFHPortfield Community HallRoom 3Fortnightly201.75£8.00£14.0011£154.00n/a
Totals for PFH, 2 group(s)PFH043£0£666
"My Kind Of Music"PHOPriory House4 weekly20£0£0.006£0.00n/a
Improving Your Artistic TechniquesPHOPriory HouseRoom 6Weekly202£11.00£22.0022£484.00n/a
Play ReadingPHOPriory HouseRoom 6Fortnightly202£11.00£22.0011£242.00n/a
Poetry AppreciationPHOPriory HouseRoom 6Fortnightly202£11.00£22.0011£242.00n/a
CalligraphyPHOPriory HouseRoom 8Weekly302£11.00£22.0032£704.00n/a
Current AffairsPHOPriory HouseRoom 8Fortnightly201.5£11.00£16.5011£181.50n/a
Enjoying ShakespearePHOPriory HouseRoom 8Weekly301.75£11.00£19.2532£616.00n/a
Magic Memories of the 1950s and 1960sPHOPriory HouseRoom 84-Weekly302£11.00£22.008£176.00n/a
Naval & Military HistoryPHOPriory HouseRoom 84-Weekly302£11.00£22.009£198.00n/a
Normandy to the Rhine 1944-5. PHOPriory HouseRoom 84-Weekly302£11.00£22.009£198.00n/a
Totals for PHO, 10 group(s)PHO0151£0£3041.5
Duplicate Bridge with HelpPSSPokesdown and Southbourne Ex-ServicemansWeekly30£0.00£0.0032£0.00n/a
Totals for PSS, 1 group(s)PSS032£0£0
Allotment - Year Round ActivityRHARoeshot HillAll year activityA0£0.00£0.000£82.50£82.50n/a
Totals for RHA, 1 group(s)RHA0£82.5£82.5
Travel - Group HSCHSt Catherines Hill Community CentreJubilee HallFortnightly302£11.00£22.0016£352.00n/a
Yoga (Intermediate) - Group 1SCHSt Catherines Hill Community CentreJubilee HallWeekly301.25£11.00£13.7532£440.00n/a
Yoga (Intermediate) - Group 2SCHSt Catherines Hill Community CentreJubilee HallWeekly301.25£11.00£13.7532£440.00n/a
ShowtimeSCHSt Catherines Hill Community CentreUpstairsWeekly201£14.00£14.0013£182.00n/a
The Great ComposersSCHSt Catherines Hill Community CentreUpstairsFortnightly201£14.00£14.0010£140.00n/a
Totals for SCH, 5 group(s)SCH0103£0£1554
Knit and KnatterSGLStewarts GardenlandscafeMonthlyA0££0.000£0.00n/a
Totals for SGL, 1 group(s)SGL0£0£0
Beginners Sequence DancingSJISt James InstituteMain HallWeekly301£16.80£16.8032£537.60n/a
Lets DanceSJISt James InstituteMain HallWeekly301£16.80£16.8032£537.60n/a
Vintage Brass Main BandSJISt James InstituteMain HallWeekly301£16.80£16.8045£756.00n/a
Vintage Brass Training BandSJISt James InstituteSmall HallWeekly301£8.80£8.8042£369.60n/a
Totals for SJI, 4 group(s)SJI0151£0£2200.8
Desert Island DiscsSKHSt Katharines HallMeeting RoomFortnightly201.5£12.00£18.0011£198.00n/a
Drawing and Painting SKHSt Katharines HallMeeting RoomWeekly302£12.00£24.0032£768.00n/a
Totals for SKH, 2 group(s)SKH043£0£966
SnookerSSCSpectrum Sports AcademyWeekly30£0£0.0032£10.00£10.00n/a
Totals for SSC, 1 group(s)SSC032£10£10
Indoor Board and Card Games Group 2SVHStanpit Village HallGround floor roomFortnightly302£7.00£14.0016£224.00n/a
MAH JONGSVHStanpit Village HallhallFirst & Third Wednesdays of the month 302£11.00£22.0013£286.00n/a
Sewing BeeSVHStanpit Village HallUpstairs roomFortnightly202£7.00£14.0011£154.00n/a
Totals for SVH, 3 group(s)SVH040£0£664
Play Tennis for Fun in SouthbourneSWTSwanmore Tennis CourtsWeekly302£0.00£0.0032£0.00£0.00n/a
Totals for SWT, 1 group(s)SWT032£0£0
Ukelele Group for BeginnersTMCTrinity Methodist ChurchParlourWeekly301£25.00£25.0032£800.00n/a
Ukulele Group (Christchurch U3A)TMCTrinity Methodist ChurchParlourWeekly301£25.00£25.0032£800.00n/a
Totals for TMC, 2 group(s)TMC064£0£1600
Bridge for Players TSCTuckton Social ClubWeekly301£25.00£25.0032£800.00n/a
Canasta/BoliviaTSCTuckton Social ClubWeekly301£25.00£25.0032£800.00n/a
Totals for TSC, 2 group(s)TSC064£0£1600
Grand Totals - 101 groups02008£112.5£31329.96