A dark tale of how the simplest of domestic repairs may turn into a nightmare. This movie has been entered for the New Forest Film Festival.
The Beach Hut
An unnamed widower visits a seaside resort to enjoy the sunshine and reminisce. When a sign advertising beach huts for hire catches his eye, a chance decision leads to a meeting and an unexpected turn of events for two people. This film has been entered for the New Forest Film Festival 2019.
The Sweetman File
Files purloined by British Intelligence during the chaotic conditions at the storming of Stasi Headquarters in 1990s Berlin have been "lost" for some years. When the PM offers to return them to the present German administration, the hunt is on. But MI6 is not alone in wanting to trace the documents. Who else has an interest, and for whom are they working? And what is so special about the Sweetman file?
Old Sins Cast Long Shadows
Tragedy seems to follow the enigmatic Captain Lucan like a shadow. What dark secret is he hiding? What is the secret of his Afican diamond, and how many people must die before the Dorset police accept the truth?
Extracted from Life
The tale of a very peculiar dentist. Written, directed and featuring the late John Halston, a founding member of Third Age Films
The Queens Speech
Local author and poet, Eileen Clegg, reads one her stories, a Christmas tale of Royal recollections.
Breakfast with Angela
A short comedy in which a revealing chat over breakfast has unsettling revelations for all concerned.
Pity the Fool
A visit to a Modern Art exhibition where the inspiration for one exhibit proves to be as old as time.
The Age of Darkness
Events in 12th Century Christchurch (then known as Twynham), and things that were best left buried reach out to the 21st Century and reveal the dark beginnings of the U3A.
A Kind of Peace
A quiet local hotel, a haven of peace and tranquility, until an unexpected guest brings dissention and unrest; secrets are dragged into the daylight. Will the unsettled residents ever again find a kind of peace.