"My Kind Of Music"JanFriday4 weekly22 Jan 202119 Mar 20213010.30am12.30pm2Priory House (PHO)Room 6The music - including advertising jingles and radio and television themes - which has been the soundtrack to our lives.25Music1012YMikeWedge01202 471382wedgem201@gmail.com1945YPeterHopker01425 240286peterhopker@icloud.comDV6200
Active BodyworksJanMondayWeekly18 Jan 202122 Mar 20211026 Apr 202121 Jun 20219010.00am11.00am2High Cross Church (HCC)Cardiovascular, weights and floor work.23Sport1531YRosemaryPhillips01202 486713romeyphillips@hotmail.comYF8000
Allotment - Year Round ActivityYYAnyAll year activity21 Sep 202002 Aug 20210ARoeshot Hill (RHA)Members grow fruit and vegetables of their choice 6Recreation1458YAprilWeal01202 376105April.h.willis@gmail.comYV4300
Badminton - Group 1JanTuesdayWeekly19 Jan 202123 Mar 20211020 Apr 202101 Jun 20216010.00am11.30am2Beaufort Centre (BCC)GymEnthusiastic and friendly intermediate badminton Group. No tutition and own racket required. Sport1609YLorraineGraves01202 29686607845 931175lorraineculverhouse@yahoo.comYV5300
Badminton - Group 2SeptTuesdayWeekly22 Sep 202008 Dec 20201219 Jan 202123 Mar 20211020 Apr 202122 Jun 202110012.00pm1.30pm3Mudeford Wood Community Centre (MWC)HallPrevious experience necessary for this friendly group. 12Sport1059YKeithLetchford01425 277270lynneletchford45@googlemail.com1463YJohnBell01425 277852johnandgerrybell@gmail.comDV5200
Badminton - Group 3SeptThursdayWeekly24 Sep 202010 Dec 20201221 Jan 202125 Mar 20211022 Apr 202124 Jun 202110010.00am11.30am3Beaufort Centre (BCC)GymFriendly group for players at Intermediate level15Sport1460YJohnFairbairn01202 424466jfairbairn2017@gmail.com1004YJennetLambert01202 47663107770 773320Jennet.lambert99@gmail.comDV4600
Bird WatchingYYWednesday3rd Wed. of month16 Sep 202021 Jul 202111010.00am12.30pmAOutdoors (OUT)Monthly field trips to local nature reserves and places of interestRecreation2548YKeithDear01202 484609keith.dear@talk21.com1215YAlanKing01202 42407907874 712857al.king15@btinternet.comDV8700
Blues Music AppreciationSeptNEW VENUEWednesday4-Weekly30 Sep 202025 Nov 2020327 Jan 202124 Mar 2021328 Apr 202123 Jun 20213010.00am12.00pm3Pokesdown and Southbourne Ex-Servicemans (PSS)Room 8The history of the Blues from early 20th Century, inc legendary labels, musical centres, influential styles and personalities and classic recordings. Guest speakers. Friendly, everyone gets involved!20Music3145YMichaelHeatley07434 68364607434 683646michaeldavidheatley@gmail.com2548YKeithDear01202 484609keith.dear@talk21.comJV5500
Bridge for Players JanTuesdayWeekly19 Jan 202123 Mar 20211020 Apr 202122 Jun 20211001.45pm4.15pm2Tuckton Social Club (TSC)Bridge for players. No partner necessary.48Games1628YLesBaker07743 62509007743 6250901974YTerryDancey01202 483629tmdancey@msn.comDV1500
CalligraphySeptFridayWeekly25 Sep 202011 Dec 20201222 Jan 202126 Mar 20211023 Apr 202125 Jun 20211001.45pm3.45pm3Priory House (PHO)Room 8Much more than learning the art of beautiful writing 30Arts and Crafts1553YKeithBillington01425 629956Kbillington@sky.com1531YRosemaryPhillips01202 486713romeyphillips@hotmail.comDV5100
Canasta/BoliviaJanWednesdayWeekly20 Jan 202124 Mar 20211021 Apr 202123 Jun 20211002.00pm4.00pm2Tuckton Social Club (TSC)Both experienced players and beginners welcome50Games1122YAnneSpalding01202 474258anne.spalding43@btinternet.com2406YCarolChambers01425 627763JV1700
Christchurch U3A SingersJanMondayWeekly18 Jan 202122 Mar 20211019 Apr 202117 May 20215010.15am12.15pm2New Church Hall (NCH)HallA large, friendly 4-part choir for all ability ranges. A wide repertoire is offered; commitment to the group is important. Please telephone Anne for details.80Music1356YAnneHewetson 01202 486646arhewetson@talktalk.net1355YRogerHewetson01202 486646arhewetson@talktalk.netDV7700
Craft GroupSeptMondayWeekly28 Sep 202007 Dec 20201118 Jan 202122 Mar 20211019 Apr 202121 Jun 202110010.00am12.00pm3Beaufort Centre (BCC)Room 4Creating cards using paper, fabrics, threads & beads. Members to provide their own craft kits. Any materials required on projects to be obtained prior to commencement. 16Arts and Crafts1260YLydiaBloom01202 431556lydiaebloom@gmail.comYV6000
Creative Card MakingSeptTuesdayFortnightly22 Sep 202015 Dec 2020719 Jan 202116 Mar 2021520 Apr 202115 Jun 2021502.00pm4.00pm3Mudeford Wood Community Centre (MWC)HallAdvanced learning techniques in card making Arts and Crafts1313YSylviaKing01202 47974407901 636629s.king44@ntlworld.com2314YTerriWestrop01202 47738507443 639951terriwestrop@hotmail.comDV1900
Creative WritingVirtualGROUP WILL BE CONDUCTED BY EMAILThursdayFortnightly24 Sep 202003 Dec 2020621 Jan 202118 Mar 2021522 Apr 202117 Jun 2021502.00pm4.00pm3Virtual Group (VIR)Sitting RoomWithout formal tuition, we aim to offer mutual support and encouragement to those with some writing experience. We write various forms of prose and poetry in a relaxed and friendly group.10Language and Literature1535NDawnD'Arcy01425 476849dawndarcy@talktalk.net1295NSusanStevens01425 48336407514 029567DV1600
Creative Writing For FunVirtualGROUP WILL BE CONDUCTED VIA EMAIL THIS TERMYMondayMonthly05 Oct 202007 Dec 2020304 Jan 202108 Mar 2021305 Apr 202107 Jun 2021302.00pm4.00pm3Virtual Group (VIR)Writing 500-600 words in advance, on an agreed topic, to be read at the monthly meeting11Language and Literature3819YChristopherMosley01202 245426mosleych@gmail.comYF3600
Cryptic Crosswords for ImproversSeptMondayWeekly21 Sep 202007 Dec 20201218 Jan 202122 Mar 202110010.15am12.15pm2Beaufort Centre (BCC)Room 9A mutually supportive group solving harder puzzles together.20Games1524NDawnHughes01202 42790907753 176274hughesdawn4@sky.comYV4600
Current AffairsVirtualGROUP WILL BE CONDUCTED VIA ZOOMTuesdayFortnightly22 Sep 202001 Dec 2020626 Jan 202123 Mar 20215010.30am12.00pm2Virtual Group (VIR)Room 8A look at events in the news, local, national and international.Where possible we try to keep things light hearted.Aim is to have enjoyable and lively discussions.25Philosophy and Society1329YJaneLansley01202 42672907909 056673jane@lansley.comYF8500
Cycling - Group 1YYFriday4th Fri. of month25 Sep 202027 Aug 2021010.00am12.30pmAOutdoors (OUT)Friendly, relaxed rides of about 10 - 15 miles on normally quiet roads and forest paths with coffee stop. Some short hills. NoSport1415YPaulNewman01425 277997p.w.newman@btinternet.com1544YJohnPhillips01202 48671307860
Cycling - Group 2YThursdayWeekly24 Sep 202010 Dec 20201221 Jan 202125 Mar 20211022 Apr 202124 Jun 202110010.00am12.30pm3Outdoors (OUT)Recent research suggests regular exercise is beneficial - I am offering a social ride with coffee stop. Meet outside Indoor Bowls, Gloucester Roadn/NoneSport1311YArchieHoggan07905 86445507905 864455Archie.hoggan@gmail.comYV8600
Desert Island DiscsJanWednesdayFortnightly27 Jan 202124 Mar 2021502.00pm3.30pm2St Katharines Hall (SKH)Meeting RoomJoin other castaways with your choices on CD for this imaginary island sharing memories recalled by the music. All types of music welcomed. 20Music1546YRaynerSkeet01202 42173407933 785361raskeet@hotmail.comYV3500
Drawing and Mixed MediaSeptNOTE NEW TIMETuesdayWeekly22 Sep 202008 Dec 20201219 Jan 202123 Mar 20211020 Apr 202122 Jun 202110010.30am12.30pm3Beaufort Centre (BCC)Room 4Drawing & painting with mixed media. Not suitable for beginners - like to try new things14Arts and Crafts1268YCarolOwen01202 4838291606YLindaBedford01202 433310lindabedford@hotmail.comDV6100
Drawing and Painting JanTuesdayWeekly19 Jan 202123 Mar 20211020 Apr 202122 Jun 202110010.30am12.30pm2St Katharines Hall (SKH)HallArt for beginers and more experienced 34 NONEArts and Crafts1303NBruceThomson01202 42758107926 166670myrandrichard@btinternet.comJV4300
Duplicate Bridge with HelpJanYTuesdayWeekly19 Jan 202123 Mar 20211020 Apr 202117 Aug 202118810.15am12.15pm2Pokesdown and Southbourne Ex-Servicemans (PSS)Improving and help with your game. Join PSS £20 per annum.50Games1520YJeanRoe01202 416544jeanjeanie52@gmail.com2074YMicheleSmyth01202
Enjoying ArtSeptNOTE CHANGE OF DAYMondayFortnightly21 Sep 202030 Nov 2020620 Jan 202117 Mar 20215010am12pm2Christchurch Library (CCL)Room 6An informal look at artistic movements, individual artists and their influences and the historical context in which art was created.14ProjectorArts and Crafts3340YHeatherWilliams01202 484609heather.williams@talk21.comYF7000
Enjoying ShakespeareVirtualNOTE NEW VENUE.FridayFortnightly25 Sep 202011 Dec 20201222 Jan 202126 Mar 20211023 Apr 202125 Jun 202110010.30am12.15pm3Pokesdown and Southbourne Ex-Servicemans (PSS)Room 8Enjoy watching, reading and analysing three or four plays per year30Language and Literature2039YDamianHeywood01202 47699207598 246372damianheywood@btinternet.com1085YMegNewman01202 478708megnewman@hotmail.comDW4960
Exploring MathsVirtualGROUP WILL BE CONDUCTED BY BY EMAILThursdayFortnightly01 Oct 202010 Dec 2020621 Jan 202118 Mar 2021529 Apr 202124 Jun 20215010.30am12.00pm3Virtual Group (VIR)The course will range widely over many areas of Mathematics. 10Science and Technology1099YPeterLush01425 270356pmlush@talktalk.netYV72180
Flower ArrangingJanFridayFortnightly29 Jan 202126 Mar 20215010.00am12.00pm2Beaufort Centre (BCC)Room 4Seasonal flower arranging for beginners and improvers. Foliage required. All levels welcomed. More accent on contemporary design using flowers in season15sinkArts and Crafts1523YJillMitchell01425
Football NostalgiaJanWednesday4-Weekly20 Jan 202117 Mar 2021321 Apr 202116 Jun 20213010.00am12.00pm2Trinity Methodist Church (TMC)ParlourIf you remember the Beautiful Game before the Premier League, join us in celebrating it. Get involved in quizzes, memorabilia, reminiscences and definitely no red cards. Both sexes equally welcome!20Sport3145YMichaelHeatley07434 68364607434 683646michaeldavidheatley@gmail.comYV3300
French ConversationSeptThursdayWeekly24 Sep 202010 Dec 20201221 Jan 202125 Mar 20211022 Apr 202124 Jun 20211002.00pm3.45pm3Portfield Community Hall (PFH)Room 4Improve your confidence and fluency chatting in this informal and friendly group12Language and Literature1840YDavidNicholls01202 42698307783 406001badgersden@btinternet.com3536YAverilSimmons01202 61930807708
French ImproversSeptNEW VENUEYThursdayFortnightly24 Sep 202017 Dec 2020714 Jan 202125 Mar 20216010am12pm2Beaufort Centre (BCC)Room 4A relaxed group in which we use talking, listening and translating skills10Language and Literature1752YBarbaraEvans07748 54181207748 541812bhevans157@gmail.com2124YLindaKopfli01425 274304l.kopfli@btinternet.comDV4400
French RestartedJanThursdayFortnightly21 Jan 202118 Mar 2021522 Apr 202117 Jun 20215010.00am12.00pm2Christchurch Library (CCL)Room 3If you've not used your French since leaving school and would like to pick it up again, this is the course for you! The course emphasis is on speaking French again.12Ceiling projector, screen, audio system, whiteboardLanguage and Literature2648YErnieBall01202 471485ernest.ball1@ntlworld.comYV5500
Gardening Group 1JanWILL START END MARCHYMondayMonthly15 Mar 202102.30pm8.00pm1Outdoors (OUT)A friendly group meeting 3rd Monday of month to discuss gardens over coffee/tea. Stops 19 Oct - commencing 15 March through the summer months12Recreation1327YSueCarter01425 27145807989 633205susancarter2021@outlook.com1760YCherryCook01425
Gardening Group 2YYThursdayMonthly17 Sep 202016 Aug 202102.00pm4.00pmAOutdoors (OUT)Meetings in members' houses to discuss gardening and our gardens over tea and cake 12Recreation2881YThelmaPrice01425 50158707769 032614thelmajprice@talktalk.net3513YKathleenSmith07804 25549407804 255494kathleensmith23@gmail.comDW8300
Gentle MobilisationSeptTuesdayWeekly27 Oct 202008 Dec 2020719 Jan 202123 Mar 20211020 Apr 202122 Jun 202110010.45am12.45pm3Beaufort Centre (BCC)Room 2A seated exercise class focused on regaining the loss of mobility in all the joints of the body. It will help to refresh the parts that the lockdown has stiffened. The group leader is qualified.12Sport1508NLindaRossell01202 430667L.rossell@btinternet.comNY2400
Golfing GroupYYWednesdayMonthly16 Sep 202018 Aug 2021011.00am2pmAOutdoors (OUT)Friendly mixed golf group open to all levels of ability. We play 9 holes in fair to good weather only. We don't normally meet in December, January or February. We usually aim to tee-off by 11.00 a.m.We aim to start at 11.00 a.m. but is not always possible as we play on different courses. Tee-off times are variable dependent upon availability. Sometimes during Summer months we take advantage of "twilight" rates" enabling us to pay a lower green fee and therefore may tee-off after lunchtime.Sport2295NPaulFarndon01425 61042207850 597799farndonpaul@gmail.comYV77310Golfing---Group_maint.php
Improving Your Artistic TechniquesSeptMondayWeekly21 Sep 202007 Dec 20201218 Jan 202122 Mar 202110010.30am12.30pm2Priory House (PHO)Room 8This class is a social painting group. An opportunity to improve your artistic abilities with like-minded people and practice art in whatever medium you prefer- all abilities welcome15SinkArts and Crafts1539YJeanetteLaw01202 429417jeanette.law777@btinternet.comYV3400
Indoor Board and Card Games Group 1JanWednesdayWeekly20 Jan 202124 Mar 20211021 Apr 202123 Jun 20211002.00pm4.00pm2New Church Hall (NCH)RoomA friendly afternoon of table games, old and new 20Games2440YNicholasCrowhurst01425 291006crowhurstt@aol.com1174YJennyKing01202
Indoor Board and Card Games Group 2JanWednesdayFortnightly13 Jan 202124 Mar 2021614 Apr 202123 Jun 2021602.00pm4.00pm2Stanpit Village Hall (SVH)Ground floor roomDue to popular demand a second Indoor Board and Card Games Group has been formed. Come and join us for a friendly afternoon using Board/Card games of your choice.30Games3395YMargaretClarke01202 54047407849 39477407979 394774tbuddery@yahoo.comDV700
Indoor Bowls - Group 2JanTuesdayWeekly19 Jan 202123 Mar 20211001.30pm3.30pm2East Dorset Bowls Club (EDB)Bowls HallIndoor bowls for beginners and improvers. 25Sport1370YRogerShelton01202 47066607972 143829rogershelton38@gmail.comYV3500
Indoor Bowls for Improvers - Group 1 JanWednesdayWeekly20 Jan 202124 Mar 202110012.00pm2.00pm2East Dorset Bowls Club (EDB)Bowls Hall WednesdayIndoor bowls for improvers on full size greens24Sport1064YTerryHuxtable01425 27907107850 210282terry.huxtable655@btinternet.com1293YJudithNickson01425 278039jenick@sky.comDV2900
International Folk Dancing - AdvancedSeptYThursdayWeekly24 Sep 202026 Nov 20201007 Jan 202125 Mar 20211222 Apr 202124 Jun 202110011.15am12.15pm3New Church Hall (NCH)HallAdvanced course for those ready for more complicated dances. Dances from Europe, including England, Israel, Russia, etc. No partner needed. Soft shoes. noRecreation2041YJanetMason01202 433121janetmason22@gmail.com1229YJanHarris01202
International Folk Dancing - Beginners and ImproversSeptYThursdayWeekly24 Sep 202026 Nov 20201007 Jan 202125 Mar 20211222 Apr 202124 Jun 202110010.15am11.15am3New Church Hall (NCH)HallA class for Beginners and Improvers. Dances from Europe, Israel, Russia,etc. English folk dances are included. Soft shoes are necessary. No partner needed.noRecreation2041YJanetMason01202 433121janetmason22@gmail.com1229YJanHarris01202
International Luncheon GroupJanYThursdayMonthly10 Sep 202024 Jun 2021012.30pm3pmAOutdoors (OUT)Social group meeting to sample various cuisines in local restaurants. Generally 2nd Thursday of each month October to June inclusive. Please aim to attend as many lunches as possible. 14Recreation2275YJulieChaney07980 26280107980 262801jccbridge707@gmail.com1205YElizabethBrown01425 62347707793
Kee-eep DancingSeptWednesdayFortnightly30 Sep 202009 Dec 2020620 Jan 202117 Mar 2021521 Apr 202116 Jun 20215011.00am12pm3Beaufort Centre (BCC)Room 2This group is for those who want to combine exercise with dance. The routines are choreographed dances with the emphasis on fitness.16Recreation1752YBarbaraEvans07748 54181207748 541812bhevans157@gmail.comYV10000
Knit and KnatterSeptYTuesdayMonthly15 Sep 202031 Aug 202102.00pm4.00pmAStewarts Gardenlands (SGL)cafeRuns continuously on the 3rd Tuesday of the month. We meet at Stewarts Gardenlands-either bring your own work or we do knit for charity and there's a fair amount of knatter.10Arts and Crafts1711YMelissaSheppard01425 674065rob_sheppard@hotmail.comYV4700
Lets DanceJanWednesdayWeekly20 Jan 202124 Mar 20211021 Apr 202123 Jun 20211002.00pm4.00pm2St James Institute (SJI)Main HallTo learn basics of 8 dances and to add style. 40Recreation1143YEricPayne01202 39506607593 419205ericpaynebournemouth@btinternet.com1876YBobMiller01425 24014607785
Magic Memories of the 1950s and 1960sSeptTuesday4-Weekly22 Sep 202017 Nov 2020319 Jan 202116 Mar 2021320 Apr 202115 Jun 2021302.00pm4.00pm3Priory House (PHO)Room 8The music of the '50s and '60s and the Best Selling British records from 1953 to 196924NoMusic2578YMartinAxton01425 27697107522 108454martinaxton@hotmail.comYV4500
Maths is Fun!VirtualWILL BE CONDUCTED VIA EMAILWednesdayFortnightly30 Sep 202009 Dec 2020620 Jan 202117 Mar 20215010.15am11.45am2Virtual Group (VIR)A fresh approach to a subject you may have found difficult at school. Mathematics can be as accessible as music. Mathematicians often enjoy both!8Science and Technology1546YRaynerSkeet01202 42173407933 785361raskeet@hotmail.comYV6300
Meteorology GroupJanWednesdayWeekly10 Feb 202117 Mar 2021621 Apr 202126 May 20216010.00am12.00pm2Christchurch Library (CCL)Room 1A beginners understanding of what causes our weather. It covers global weather patterns (Climatology) and local weather (Meteorology) NB. This is a 6 weeks progressive learning course.14Projector, screen and a whiteboard.Science and Technology2648YErnieBall01202 471485ernest.ball1@ntlworld.comYV4000
Monthly longer walking groupSeptThursdayMonthly08 Oct 202005 Aug 2021010.30am1.00pm1Outdoors (OUT)Walks are usually on the first Thursday of the month. They start at 10.30 am and are 5-6 miles long. Some walks can be quite strenuous and good footwear is essential. Afterwards, pub visit is optional30Recreation1125YPaulBond01202
More Enjoying ArtSeptTuesdayFortnightly22 Sep 202001 Dec 2020619 Jan 202116 Mar 2021502.00pm4pm2Christchurch Library (CCL)Room 6An informal look at artistic movements, individual artists & their influences, and the historical context in which art was created.14ProjectorArts and Crafts3340YHeatherWilliams01202 484609heather.williams@talk21.comYF4700
Motor-biking GroupYYWednesday4-Weekly30 Sep 202004 Aug 202112010.00am2.00pmAOutdoors (OUT)A ride-out of 3 hours, stopping en route for a snack. Relaxed riding with a friendly group. We try to ride throughout the year, weather dependent! Last Wednesday of the month.Recreation2086YAilaPeacock07753 614857ailamarylucy@gmail.comYV2100
Naval & Military HistorySeptYWednesday4-Weekly30 Sep 202025 Nov 2020327 Jan 202124 Mar 2021321 Apr 202116 Jun 20213010.00am12.00pm3Priory House (PHO)Room 8Presentations by group members and speakers covering diverse military subjects from the Romans to WW2.48Will require Optoma projector for most sessionsHistory1515YJillFearn01202 43214607788 107065jillfearn50@gmail.comNV4200
Normandy to the Rhine 1944-5. SeptThis groups will run monthly for each of a split group of members ie two groups on alternate fortnights.YWednesday4-Weekly07 Oct 202002 Dec 2020310 Feb 202110 Mar 2021205 May 202130 Jun 20213010.00am12.00pm3Priory House (PHO)Room 8Highly detailed examination of the campaign in North West Europe.40As agreed with Dee Collins, the final date in the summer term will be 30th June 2021.History1540YStephenPetty01425 616379stephenvpetty@btinternet.com1515NJillFearn01202 43214607788 107065jillfearn50@gmail.comDF2900
Opera DVDsJanTuesdayWeekly19 Jan 202123 Mar 20211020 Apr 202129 Jun 20211109.45am11.45am2Christchurch Library (CCL)Room 1To see and discuss, a wide range of operas 18Room must have connections for a laptop to speakers and projector. This is available in classrooms 1 and 2 of Christchurch Library. If possible, can the laptop be provided by the Library, if not, can U3a provide one?Music1205YElizabethBrown01425 62347707793 49625407816 426919patriciawilkinson745@btinternet.comV1700
Painting for PleasureSeptTuesdayWeekly22 Sep 202008 Dec 20201219 Jan 202123 Mar 20211020 Apr 202122 Jun 20211001.30pm3.30pm3Homelands Community Centre (HCH)Come along and paint with friendly creative people and learn from each other, enjoy a creative afternoon. 25Arts and Crafts1539YJeanetteLaw01202 429417jeanette.law777@btinternet.com1591YHilaryRaymond01202 428014hilary.raymond66@gmail.comJV5000
Photography GroupVirtualTHIS GROUP IS MEETING VIA ZOOMYFridayWeekly04 Sep 202027 Aug 202152010.30am12.30pmAVirtual Group (VIR)HallEnjoy learning to improve your photography. Weekly Friday "shoots"; first Friday of month Zoom reviews and briefings. Extra "shoots" at any time of Year, eg. day and coach trips, events, sunsets, etc40U3A Projector/MWCC Screen and extension cables; white board; Wifi connection Book MWCC each first Friday of month - we (Group) pay outside of U3A terms. Weekly shoots are on location. We agree breaks for Christmas, Easter and summer but extra shoots can be planned at any time of year eg Cowes weekScience and Technology1802YTrevorGoodman01425 27149007715 383373traylor_kim@hotmail.comJV11700Photogroup---Group_maint.php
Play ReadingSeptWednesdayFortnightly30 Sep 202009 Dec 2020627 Jan 202124 Mar 2021502.00pm4.00pm2Priory House (PHO)Room 6Relaxed group where members read and discuss plays of all kinds14Language and Literature1136YJillDale01202 432357dale1@homeuser.net1020YMelMuir01425 67391507778 760169melinda.muir@btinternet.comDV7100
Play Tennis for Fun in SouthbourneYWednesdayWeekly23 Sep 202009 Dec 20201220 Jan 202124 Mar 20211021 Apr 202123 Jun 202110010.00am12.00pm3Swanmore Tennis Courts (SWT)A friendly non-competitive tennis group that plays for pleasure,exercise and fun. 1st time player/novices are welcome to try out. All players bring a racquetsand and a set of tennis balls.16Sport1116YBernardCrowell01202
Poetry AppreciationSeptWednesdayFortnightly23 Sep 202002 Dec 2020627 Jan 202124 Mar 2021521 Apr 202116 Jun 2021502.00pm3.30pm3Priory House (PHO)Room 6Finding poems on given themes and reading them together 10Language and Literature1840YDavidNicholls01202 42698307783 406001badgersden@btinternet.comYW3200
Poetry WritingVirtualWILL BE CONDUCTED BY EMAIL NOTE NEW VENUEFridayFortnightly25 Sep 202004 Dec 2020622 Jan 202119 Mar 2021523 Apr 202118 Jun 20215010.00am12.00pm3Portfield Community Hall (PFH)To encourage writing poetry in different forms and styles on themes to be decided by the group12No special equipment requiredLanguage and Literature4002YJillBarr01202 48096107827 734634jill.barr51@hotmail.com4004NMargaretRiches01202 91411407403
Reading - Group 1VirtualNEW VENUEYMondayFortnightly21 Sep 202030 Nov 2020618 Jan 202115 Mar 2021519 Apr 202128 Jun 20216010.15am11.45am3Homelands Community Centre (HCH)Reading & discussing in a non-academic way novels, short stories and poetry. 12Language and Literature1177YKenBasham01202 42601007549 098229bashamken@gmail.com1656YFrancesGoodey01202 430752goodeymichael24@gmail.comDV6600
Reading - Group 2VirtualNEW VENUEYThursday1st Thurs. of month01 Oct 202005 Aug 202102.00pm4.00pm1Stanpit Village Hall (SVH)Reading will be from a variety of genres in a relaxed way using book sets from the library.10Language and Literature2881YThelmaPrice01425 50158707769 032614thelmajprice@talktalk.netYW3000
ScrabbleJanMondayWeekly18 Jan 202122 Mar 20211019 Apr 202121 Jun 20211002.00pm4.00pm2New Church Hall (NCH)RoomFor those who enjoy a good standard of playing without being competitive 16Games2889YElaineHutton01202 43438207930 522167elaineifhutton@hotmail.com1866NDotBall01202 471485ernest.ball1@ntlworld.comDV2500
Sewing BeeSeptTuesdayFortnightly29 Sep 202008 Dec 2020619 Jan 202116 Mar 20215010.00am12.00pm2Stanpit Village Hall (SVH)Upstairs roomBring your own project to this friendly group who do patchwork, quilting, tapestry, cross stitch, knitting or any other needlecraft you care to bring. Cross-stitch kits available.8Arts and Crafts2819YDebbieStephens01425 27833507592 014207debbie.stephens2@ntlworld.com1999YDeliaJohnson01202 477261deliasnowybee@gmail.comDV5100
Short Mat Bowls - Group 1JanThursdayFortnightly21 Jan 202118 Mar 2021522 Apr 202117 Jun 2021502.00pm4.00pm2Mudeford Wood Community Centre (MWC)HallEnjoy learning a new game with friends. Equipment provided. 20Sport2036YRonDavies01425 83835007762 867007daviesron2@gmail.comNV1400
Short Mat Bowls - Group 2JanYThursdayFortnightly28 Jan 202125 Mar 2021529 Apr 202124 Jun 2021502.00pm4.00pm2Mudeford Wood Community Centre (MWC)HallEnjoy learning a new game with friends. Equipment provided. 24Sport1380YMaureenBrazier01202 48214507890 063463brazierm38@gmail.com1354YSandyKing01425 275615DV1000
Short Mat Bowls - Group 3JanTuesdayFortnightly26 Jan 202123 Mar 2021527 Apr 202122 Jun 2021502.00pm4.00pm2Mudeford Wood Community Centre (MWC)HallEnjoy learning a new game with friends. Some woods available 20Sport1059NKeithLetchford01425 277270lynneletchford45@googlemail.com1060YLynneLetchford01425 277270JV4100
Short Mat Bowls - Group 4JanTuesdayFortnightly19 Jan 202116 Mar 2021520 Apr 202115 Jun 2021502.00pm4.00pm2Mudeford Wood Community Centre (MWC)HallEnjoy learning a new game with friends. Equipment provided.22Sport1467YPatriciaBlythman01202 47825007902
Short TennisSeptFridayWeekly25 Sep 202011 Dec 20201222 Jan 202126 Mar 20211023 Apr 202125 Jun 20211002.00pm3.30pm3Beaufort Centre (BCC)Indoor Tennis with sponge balls. Unable to provide racquets or coaching but will suit anyone with an eye for the ball.18Sport1470YDavidDiamond01202 4213653533YPaulaPakeman01202 42661207773 044556paula.pakeman@ntlworld.comJW5300
Shorter WalksSeptYFridayNormally third Friday of month18 Sep 202027 Aug 2021010.30am12.15pmAOutdoors (OUT)Shorter Walks 2 to 3 miles long, generally at starting points accessible to local bus services. We meet normally 3rd Friday of the month.NoRecreation1488YPatParker01202 53121907528 47703807704
ShowtimeJanTuesdayWeekly19 Jan 202123 Mar 20211020 Apr 202125 May 2021602.00pm4.00pm2St Catherines Hill Community Centre (SCH)UpstairsA small friendly group performing on stage Spring and Autumn. A wide variety of musical genres are staged, but mostly songs from the shows. Suitable for seasoned performers, and enthusiastic novices.6Music3344YJaneSykes01202 38231007914 760216janesykes18@gmail.comYV6700
Singing For FunJanThursdayWeekly21 Jan 202125 Mar 20211022 Apr 202127 May 2021602.00pm4.00pm2New Church Hall (NCH)HallFriendly group singing songs people love. Non performance70Music1278YAnnJones 01202 420547ann.home4@gmail.com2169YMarionCurry01202 47685607552
SnookerSeptTuesdayWeekly19 Jan 202123 Mar 20211020 Apr 202122 Jun 2021904.30pm6.00pm2Spectrum Sports Academy (SSC)Snooker RoomSnooker12Sport2037YAlexDearnley07803 10817507803 108175YV1100
Table Tennis - Group 1JanMondayWeekly18 Jan 202122 Mar 20211019 Apr 202121 Jun 202110010.00am12.00pm2Beaufort Centre (BCC)HallTable tennis for beginners & improvers in a pleasant and frendly atmosphere22Sport1056YDerekSmith01425 2703252719YBarrieCox01202 423267coxbarrie87@yahoo.comDV5500
Table Tennis - Group 2SeptWednesdayWeekly23 Sep 202009 Dec 20201220 Jan 202124 Mar 20211021 Apr 202123 Jun 20211009.30am11.30am3Beaufort Centre (BCC)HallFriendly table tennis group with a very good mix of technique, enjoyment and fun. XX-Leader does NOT return calls to mobile numbers-XX24Sport1470YDavidDiamond01202 4213651261YJeffBloom01202 431556jlbloom@ntlworld.comDF8600
Table Tennis - Group 3SeptWednesdayWeekly23 Sep 202009 Dec 20201220 Jan 202124 Mar 20211021 Apr 202123 Jun 202110012pm2pm3Beaufort Centre (BCC)HallDeveloping skills to enjoy the game. Afraid no coaching/tuition available 20Sport3445YDerekOrmesher01202 43230607483 219591dirkorm@hotmail.com1416YPatriciaButler01202 87389807948 824235tricia.butler5@outlook.comDF4500
Table Tennis - Group 4SeptFridayWeekly25 Sep 202011 Dec 20201222 Jan 202126 Mar 20211023 Apr 202125 Jun 20211001.00pm3.00pm3Beaufort Centre (BCC)HallFriendly table tennis group for improvers and intermediate standard 30Sport1732YStevePelletier01202
Table Tennis - Group 5SeptThursdayWeekly24 Sep 202010 Dec 20201221 Jan 202125 Mar 20211022 Apr 202124 Jun 202110012.00pm2.00pm3Beaufort Centre (BCC)HallFriendly group where enjoyment is more important than technique.32Sport1231YPatPalmer01202 489782paturton@hotmail.comYDF3300
Tablets and iPads For BeginnersJanTuesdayWeekly19 Jan 202123 Mar 20211020 Apr 202122 Jun 202110010.30am12.00pm1Immanuel Church (ICH)Welcome areaFor beginners and those who want to learn the basics of using tablets and/or ipads. Topics will include internet access and searches, security, e-mailing, messaging, etc. Bring your own tablet/ipad.6Reliable, secure wi-fi access.Science and Technology3077YCherryJarvis01425 272593cjar200@gmail.comYV3400
Talking about booksJanTuesday4-Weekly19 Jan 202116 Mar 2021327 Apr 202122 Jun 2021302.15pm3.45pm2Christchurch Library (CCL)The group members will share their interest in and enjoyment of the books they have read - their content and form.10Just a table and some well-spaced chairs!Language and Literature1098YMaryLush01425 270356pmlush@talktalk.netYV5600
Teach And Play ChessJanMondayFortnightly18 Jan 202115 Mar 20215010.15am12.00pm2Portfield Community Hall (PFH)Room 3Teach and play Chess purely for fun. Will run monthly on dates TBD in Summer term12Games1472YBrianGirdlestone01202 483283YV1600
Tennis for FunYYWednesdayWeekly09 Sep 202009 Dec 20201421 Apr 202107 Jul 202112010.30am12.30pm2Mudeford Wood Community Centre (MWC)Tennis CourtsFriendly mixed ability group (including 'rusty' players). Bring your own racquet. Autumn and Spring terms only.16Sport1972YAdrianCooke01202 43168607905 486387adrian_cooke@hotmail.com1918YJuneCooke01202 43168607422 536173junecooke@gmail.comJV5900
The Great ComposersJanYThursdayFortnightly14 Jan 202125 Mar 20216010.00am12.00pm2St Catherines Hill Community Centre (SCH)UpstairsListening to music and learning about the great composers.25occasional use of data projectorMusic3366YBrian Clarke01202 48507207811 480447mrblclarke@gmail.com1641NGeorgeTublin01425 273240gp.tublin@talk21.comDV2700
Theatre GoersJanYAny6 times per year00Outdoors (OUT)Visits by coach to theatres to see interesting plays approx. 6 times p.a. Send SAE for details to Eileen Lancaster 23 Durlston Crescent, Christchurch, BH23 2STLanguage and Literature2681YZinaRoworth01202 475665zina.roworth@ntlworld.com1003YEileenLancaster01202 56638707877 098836eileenlancaster23@gmail.comDV7400
Third Age FilmsSeptThursdayWeekly24 Sep 202010 Dec 20201221 Jan 202125 Mar 20211022 Apr 202124 Jun 202110010.15am12.15pm3Mudeford Wood Community Centre (MWC)Room 1We write and produce feature films and shorts, hold regular discussions and talks on filming techniques, and provide instruction in using the equipment. See group's website for full detail15Screen for film projection, irregular usage, as and when required with notice given.Arts and Crafts1566YRogerWilliams01425 67354207740 27241907415 342577duncancrossland@hotmail.comDV5500
Travel - Group HJanFridayFortnightly29 Jan 202126 Mar 2021423 Apr 202118 Jun 2021302.00pm4.00pm2St Catherines Hill Community Centre (SCH)Jubilee HallMembers study a town or area followed by a visit 60Hall only needs to be booked on: Autumn Term: Sept 25, Oct. 9, Nov 6, 20. Spring Term: Jan 29, Feb 12, March 12, 26. Summer Term: April 23, May 7, June 4.Travel1146YMargaretThomas01202 433556m.thomas44@btinternet.comNW9600
Ukulele Group (Christchurch U3A)JanTuesdayWeekly19 Jan 202123 Mar 20211020 Apr 202122 Jun 20211001.30pm4.00pm2Trinity Methodist Church (TMC)ParlourUkelele group for improvers25This group would like 2 rooms in the same venueMusic2890YTimDrage01202 516188jehdrage@gmail.comYV5100
Using Windows 10JanWednesdayFortnightly20 Jan 202117 Mar 20215010.15am11.45am2Epicentre (EPI)1010Internet accessScience and Technology1311YArchieHoggan07905 86445507905 864455Archie.hoggan@gmail.comYV4300
Vintage Brass Main BandJanYMondayWeekly18 Jan 202122 Mar 20211019 Apr 202121 Jun 20211001.45pm3.45pm2St James Institute (SJI)Main HallRehearsal for experienced brass players and percussion6050 chairs for band Please note, the actual end date of Summer Term 2020 for Vintage Brass is Monday Music1623YPeterGuntrip01202 47686207768
Vintage Brass Training BandJanYMondayWeekly18 Jan 202122 Mar 20211019 Apr 202121 Jun 20211003.45pm9.00pm2St James Institute (SJI)Small HallBrass ensemble playing and tuition. Open to experienced players, those returning to playing brass instruments. UnMusic1589YRayPickett01202 422074red2a@talktalk.netYV2500
Whist For FunJanThursdayWeekly21 Jan 202125 Mar 202110010.00am12.00pm2Beaufort Centre (BCC)Room 4Progressive Whist or Rainbow Whist come and enjoy with our lively and friendly group. Beginners welcome - guidance given.Games1390YRuthDunn01202 4311531181YMaryMcGovern01202 42761907782 187119marygaradice321@btinternet.comDV1100
Yoga Exercises (Intermediate) - Group 2JanWednesdayWeekly20 Jan 202124 Mar 20211021 Apr 202123 Jun 202110011.00am12.15pm2St Catherines Hill Community Centre (SCH)Jubilee HallIntermediate yoga with relaxation, stretching and dynamic postures. Recent yoga experience necessary.20Sport1521YJoannaHensman01202 47135907986 625066johensman@icloud.com1126NClareBond01202