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Who are we?

Christchurch University of the Third Age (U3A) offers a programme of educational and leisure activities for those not in full-time employment, and is part of a worldwide movement. Members with similar interests meet during the day in small groups, usually weekly or fortnightly and at various venues. The main aim is to advance the education of retired & semi-retired people and assist them in pursuing their interests within a social environment.

Tennis - IMG_2140

Lets Dance Group Christmas Tea Dance - Eric giving some tuition

Around and about - badminton -thursday

Around and about - bridge group 4 Tue

Play Reading - play reading1

Around and about - table tennis - group

Publicity u3a Day 2021 in Saxon Square - IMG_2221

Table Tennis - IMG_2251

Around and about - Walking group

Table Tennis - IMG_2250

Short Walks - 20210716_111614

Longer Walks - IMG_20200206_110653

Publicity u3a Day 2021 in Saxon Square - IMG_2215

Gardening - 20210819_152522

Around and about - singing thursday 1

Lets Dance Group Christmas Tea Dance - dance practice

Around and about - indoor bowls on Wednesday

Around and about - MOTOR BIKE CLUB

Shake and Stir 2021 - IMG_2365

Publicity u3a Day 2021 in Saxon Square - IMG_2223

International Folk Dancing Group - Thursday morning action (3)

Shake and Stir 2021 - IMG_2366

Photography Group - IMG_5278-7

International Folk Dancing Group - Priory House

International Folk Dancing Group - Wimborne Folk Festival

Around and about - drawing mixed media tuesday

Around and about - badminton - thursday

Around and about - John Fairbairn, new members contact

Gardening - 20210819_152512

Vintage Brass - Baritones and Horns

Third Age Films - D72_0236

Third Age Films - Discussing the next shot

Monthly Meetings - March talk about Red Arrows (2)

Around and about - GROUP CO-ORDINATOR Jill Dale

Short Walks - IMG_2250

Around and about - Tuesday evening snooker

Annual Group Leaders Meeting - Chris, our Webmaster, answering questions

Tennis - IMG_2142

Dance Group - IMG_3977

Christchurch Carnival 2021 - IMG_2377

Annual Group Leaders Meeting - welcoming group